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Have you got bored of seeing the old and tiring look of your Windows desktop? Well, I have a solution to lớn solve this simple problem of yours. I searched a lot over this problem & found the Top 10 Best Windows 7 Themes 2022 which are exclusively for you with free tải về links.

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Top 10 Best Windows 7 Themes 2022 không tính phí Download

In the past few years, Windows 7 has been used a lot because of its beautiful graphics, và it had a lot more functions than the previous version of Windows. Windows 7 also became famous because of its all-new graphical face or appearance. There was all new buttons & a windows dialogue box. Plus a new colour scheme was introduced in this version of windows.

This particular version of Windows came up with the new tools and specifications for hardware. As this version of windows was developed for the modern PC’s so it also consisted of a concept on x64 based processors which wasn’t available in the early release of Windows.

About Windows 7 Themes/Skins

The theme is a package of presets which contains different graphical appearances và details. A Windows theme or Windows Skins consists of different shapes & colors for controlling the various graphical elements. In other words, it is just lượt thích decorating or customizing Windows. Themes are used khổng lồ modify the look & appearance of your window into

In this version of Windows different sites và Windows, creators made different themes. Some of these Themes are available over the mạng internet for free. These themes were also available in the Windows Store, but as Microsoft launched the newer version of windows so there are fewer chances that there will be any more themes for Windows 7.

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10 Best Windows 7 Themes of 2022 (Free Download)

Now I am going khổng lồ display a danh sách of the Top 10 Best Windows Themes which I found over the internet. These themes are created or developed by different Windows 7 users. I find these themes beautiful và refreshing because of the colour schemes, background images, and all new windows dialogue boxes. The danh sách of these Themes are as follows:

Different cảm biến 7.Lucid Glass Theme.I Love xanh Visual Style.PreSilver Theme.Snow Leopard.Assassin’s Creed.God of War III.Spiderman Theme.Fast & Furious.Angry Birds.

This was the whole các mục of the Windows 7 themes which I found the best. Now I am going khổng lồ explain these themes one by one briefly.

Different cảm ứng 7


The first theme in our danh mục for Windows 7 is Different touch 7. This theme is famous because it is available for both x32 & x64 based processor Operating Systems. This theme consists of a beautiful green coloured background image. The windows dialogue box and taskbar have a glassy look which makes it look astonishing. This theme is perfect for users who want khổng lồ make their Computer System look simple & beautiful.

Download Different cảm ứng 7 Theme

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Lucid Glass Theme


The second theme in our danh mục for Windows 7 is Lucid Glass Theme. It is a wonderful theme with stunning sceneries as background images. This theme consists of a straightforward glass start button, menu, và taskbar, which makes it a gorgeous than other themes available over the internet. It is a central theme with a beautiful and with glass finish. That’s why it is called Lucid Glass Theme.

Download Lucid Glass Theme

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I Love blue Visual Style


The third theme in our menu of Windows 7 themes is I Love xanh Visual Style. This Windows 7 theme has many features which make it different from all the other Themes over the Internet. This theme is also known as the extraordinary shell theme available. It consists of very cool buttons, a limited pointer shell, and a very decent taskbar lượt thích Apple OS. This theme is enlisted in the freshest Windows 7 themes which are available at the present time. 

Download blue Visual Style Theme

PreSilver Theme


The fourth theme in our các mục of Windows 7 themes is PreSilver Theme. PreSilver is a very brilliant & spotless subject that consists of a very decent interface. The taskbar & the start button are wholly made of silver. The background is also silver-colored due to which eyes don’t get tired fast if you want to make your Windows desktop look clean so I would lượt thích to recommend this theme for you.

 Download PreSilver Theme

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Snow Leopard Theme


The fifth theme in our danh mục of Windows 7 themes is Snow Leopard. This theme is stylish because of its purple-coloured background image. The thing which makes this theme look cool is the Aero Mac look, which is for táo apple PC only. This pack consists of very awesome icons and a whole new scrolling thực đơn on the desktop screen. This theme is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It is my personal best theme, which I used for many years because of its appearance.

Download Snow Leopard Theme

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Assassin’s Creed Theme


The sixth theme in our menu of Windows 7 themes is Assassin’s Creed. As we all know that Assassin’s Creed is a famous kích hoạt game developed by Ubisoft, so this theme is specifically designed và developed for Assassin’s Creed fans. It consists of the game’s images as the background images. It also includes the sounds, Icons, và start menu from Assassin’s Creeds. I would recommend you to lớn install it if you have played this game. If you haven’t heard about it, then play this game. You will over up in installing this theme.

Download Assassin’s Creed Theme

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God of War III Theme


The seventh theme in our danh mục of Windows 7 themes is God of War III. God of War is also an action game that is based on fiction. So this theme is for the players of God of War. This theme consists of the images of the game as the background images. It also includes icons and sounds from the set, which makes it a very cool theme. I didn’t play God of War, but still, this theme is cool.

 Download God of War III Theme

Spiderman Theme


Our next theme, which is the eighth theme in our danh sách is Spiderman Theme. Now, this theme is for the fans of Spiderman. This theme is cool because of its customized start menu & icons. Plus this theme also consists of 35+ HD wallpapers of Spiderman. There are also the sounds of Spiderman, which is very incredible. The more interesting about this theme is the color scheme. The developer of this theme used a perfect color combination, which is just like the suit màu sắc of Spiderman.

Download Spiderman Theme

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Fast & Furious Theme


The ninth theme in our list of Windows 7 themes is Fast & Furious. This theme is based upon the movie series by universal pictures named Fast và Furious. This movie is famous because of all the new cars, racing, và action. You heard me right vehicles. So this means that this theme also consists of the coolest wallpapers of vehicles along with each character who drove them in the movie. This theme also consists of fresh car sounds and car icons. This theme is my personal best because I am a massive fan of this movie.

 Download Fast and Furious Theme

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Angry Birds Theme


The last theme in our list of Windows 7 themes is Angry Birds. As we all know that Angry Birds is also a trò chơi that was released for apk Mobiles. This trò chơi became popular in the past year due to lớn which there are many players in this game. That’s why I came up with this theme for the players of this game. This theme consists of the images from the game which are available on the desktop wallpaper. It also includes the sounds of the bird while they are thrown from the hoop.

Download Angry Birds Theme

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Ferrari oto HD Theme for Windows 7

Are you lovers of high-performance cars like Ferrari? If yes, then you will love this Ferrari theme for Windows 7 which comes with 10 HD wallpapers, Icons and thư mục styles to choose from. It includes their đứng đầu cars such as Ferrari 458, Ferrari F12 & Ferrari California. It doesn’t just stop there they further added red gradients & colours in the menus khổng lồ make you feel like your actually sitting in a oto while using your desktop.

Let me know below if you like this new Ferrari theme for Windows 7, personally I think the red is a bit too bright but they can be adjusted.

Download Ferrari Theme

Iron Man Jarvis Theme

Fan of Tony Stark movies such as Iron Man? Here is a great HD Jarvis theme that will make your desktop futuristic. It comes with various boot animations và allows you lớn install the assistant because it has integration support.

The best part is that it comes with a screensaver. There are various Iron Man wallpapers influenced by Jarvis. The only thing that really is missing are commands that you can say including “Any new thư điện tử today? What’s the weather? These are examples but fairly possible.

Download Iron Man Jarvis Theme

Stranger Things Theme

As we all love this new series called Stranger Things. There is now a theme available that you can install. It comes with various wallpapers from Season 1 và Season 2. You will also see some of the stars including Bobby Brown, Noah and Finn.

Which Windows 7 Theme are you using in 2021/2022?

Today’s article was on 10 Best Windows 7 Themes of 2021/2022 to free download. In this article, we discussed the themes which you can use to lớn change the look or appearance of your windows according to lớn your taste. The first thing we discussed was Windows 7 và its themes. Some of the skins listed above are HD themes for Windows 7.

After that, I displayed a các mục of 10 themes that I find pretty cool & excellent for you. Then we discussed all of the themes which I mentioned in the list và told you about their specifications. I searched a lot on the themes available for Windows 7, và I found these best of all. You can install any theme you lượt thích according lớn your taste.

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