I've seen tifa with short hair and i can't go back

FF7 Remake: 5 Ways It Made Tifa Better (& 5 It Made Her Worse) Final Fantasy VII: Remake brought a lot of changes lớn the beloved original game. Not all of those changes were for the better, but some were.

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Tifa collage
Tifa Lockhart has always been a popular mainstay in the Final Fantasy franchise. A childhood frikết thúc of Cloud Strife, the young Nibelheim woman quickly becomes an integral part of Final Fantasy VII"s narrative sầu when players start the game in Midgar. As the game progresses, Tifa and Cloud slowly uncover their shared feelings and past trauma with each other.

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Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Remake suffers a similar set of problems to lớn Cloud"s character arc. While many of her profound connections to lớn the protagonist aren"t explored until after the point Remake ends at, the Avalanđậy member nevertheless provides an evident foil to lớn the game"s illustrious cast as a nuanced, actualized character.

Marlene hunched over crying alone
A surprising course of action that Tifa takes in both the original game and Remake continuity is the decision lớn skết thúc Aerith after Marlene while Sector 7 is being attacked by Shinra. Due to Tifa"s inherently compassionate nature, it would make sense for her to oversee the safety of Barret"s daughter before rushing to the aid of her Avalanbít comrades.

Remake exacerbates this decision by establishing the importance of Tifa and Marlene"s relationship in the preceding chapter. During this chapter, Tifa sees a visage of Marlene crying alone in the warehouse where the party fights Ghoul, & stresses khổng lồ Cloud and Aerith the importance of getting bachồng lớn Seventh Heaven as soon as possible.

9 Better: Tifa Is The Queen Of Pressuring And Staggering In Battle

Tifa high kicking Shinra grunt
Like her fellow party members, Tifa brings a unique approach to the hybridized combat of Remake. Capitalizing on Tifa"s strength in speed, the developers designed Tifa"s ability kit to maximize her potency lớn rapidly increase pressure gauges và build stagger percentages during battle with moves lượt thích Focused Strike and Divekiông xã.

Not only is pressuring & staggering a key part of combat in Remake, but sometimes they are often essential in securing victory against tough opponents and bosses, especially on harder difficulties. This makes Tifa the most ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá candidate khổng lồ fight superbosses like Bahamut và Weiss the Immaculate.

Barret holding Tifa's hand
Given her inherently timid và shy nature in Final Fantasy VII"s expanded universe, it"s not a stretch to say Tifa seems like a defeatist when it comes khổng lồ certain situations. However, Tifa"s mental approach certainly makes sense given her history—tragic circumstances still befall her character despite training khổng lồ prepare for the worst.

Remake"s in-depth approach lớn the overarching narrative of the original game gives players time to interrogate the more nuanced details about the franchise"s established characters, including Tifa"s moments of defeatism. After the collapse of the Sector 7 plate, Tifa readily accepts blame for the catastrophe on the behalf of Avalanđậy. Fortunately, Barret puts a quichồng stop to her self-defeatism, reminding her that Shinra were the ones that ultimately pulled the trigger.

7 Better: Tifa Winds Up Saving Cloud From Himself...More Than Once

Tifa holding Cloud on Shinra Building Roof
Like her other female counterparts in the Final Fantasy VII universe, Tifa is more than capable of handling herself in dangerous situations. Remake, then, makes a smart move in emphasizing her ability to be self-sufficient by inverting the classic và frankly ubiquitous "damsel in distress" trope.

On more than one occasion, players witness Tifa getting the protagonist, Cloud, out of sticky situations. She & Aerith save sầu hlặng from Corneo"s clutches in Wall Market; she diverts Reno và Rude"s attention to her at the Sector 7 Pillar; &, she grabs Cloud as he"s falling off the Shinra Building after Rufus escapes. As Tifa quotes: If Cloud wants to lớn be the nhân vật, he"s going to lớn have sầu to bởi a whole lot better.

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Johnny numbers among muốn the most annoying & dense characters in Midgar. Unfortunately, players have sầu to lớn tolerate his tiresome antics across multiple chapters in Remake. During these encounters, Johnny often self-aggrandizes his infatuation for Tifa, believing himself lớn be the one who needs to "save sầu her."

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While it would seem Johnny"s character was designed as comic relief, players are likely to lớn sympathize with Cloud"s irritation of him. Johnny continues to lớn unload his woes onkhổng lồ Cloud & company as the game progresses, which eventually leads lớn an optional encounter where Tifa is forced to lớn reject Johnny"s advances after recovering his wallet from Kyrie. If only Tifa had let Cloud finish off the troublemaker in Chapter 3.

5 Worse: Tifa"s Universal Compassion Can Get In The Way Of The Mission

Tifa"s abundance of compassion is easily both her best chất lượng and worst quality. It allows her to care about the denizens of Sector 7 and employees of Shinra alike, a unique that separates her from her Avalanđậy counterparts, but it also prevents her from standing up for herself to lớn reject advances from individuals lượt thích Johnny.

However, perhaps what is most egregious about Tifa"s compassion is that it can sometimes interfere with the missions the tiệc ngọt is trying to lớn accomplish. When Cloud, Barret, và Tifa make their approach khổng lồ Mako Reactor 5 via the plate"s underbelly, Tifa expresses reluctance to lớn shutting off the sun lamps that light the slums below. Cloud & Barret are quiông xã lớn point out that they cannot reach their target if the lamps remain on.

Because the protagonists of Final Fantasy VII are all part of Avalanbít, the eco-terrorist group is often portrayed in a positive sầu light to lớn most players, However, Remake not only takes the opportunity lớn explore the organization but also uses Tifa as a proxy lớn question the decisive actions the splinter cell is taking.

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Barret, the strong-willed leader of Tifa"s Avalanbít cell, is insistent that taking out the Mako Reactors across Midgar is the only way lớn send a message khổng lồ Shinra that they are abusing the Planet"s lifestream. However, Tifa maintains a healthy skepticism of the team"s motives, often questioning who they"re really hurting in the process & leading players lớn ask if this eco-terrorist cell is really taking the right approach.

3 Better: Tifa"s Athleticism Is Spotlighted Beyond Just Her Looks

Tifa"s athletic prowess gets spotlighted in a meaningful way that extends beyond her iconic sporty look in Remake. In fact, the scenarios where players are given control over Tifa tover khổng lồ highlight her athleticism, whether it be the pull-up competition against Andrea Rhodea or swinging across the trellises in the lobby of the Shinra Building.

However, the best display of Tifa"s athletic ability comes during the stairwell sequence when Cloud & company need to reach the top of the Shinra Building. Here, players are tasked with climbing 60 flights of stairs. Although the party starts out running up the first several flights, Cloud and Barret quickly slow to a walking pace while Tifa continues her sprint khổng lồ the top, only being slightly winded after reaching her destination.

Tifa and Aerith size one of the most surprising và profound friendships in Remake. They immediately hit it off as friends when they began mounting their rescue of Cloud in Corneo"s Mansion and continue to lớn organically build their rapport during the party"s stroll in the Sewer 6 Sewers. This leads lớn Tifa"s decision khổng lồ entrust Marlene"s safety lớn Aerith during the Sector 7 crisis.

The climax of their friendship in Remake comes after the party rescues Aerith from Hojo"s clutches. Aerith is suddenly ensnared by Whispers, explaining to lớn the tiệc nhỏ that she is trapped in a maze with no way out. As the Whispers cđại bại in, Tifa leaps inkhổng lồ the whorl to lớn protect Aerith, saying that they"ll find a way out together.

1 Worse: Tifa"s Presence In Midgar Doesn"t Contribute To The Main Narrative

Because of the episodic nature of Remake, much of the original game remains unexplored by the time the credits roll. Likewise, much of the critical development for characters lượt thích Tifa & Cloud that are central khổng lồ the game"s main narrative remains unresolved as well.

Consequently, Remake feels lượt thích it has little or no narrative sầu purpose for Tifa during the events of Midgar. Tifa certainly remains pertinent và relevant in certain character interactions, but it ultimately feels lượt thích she has of "lesser" a stage presence when compared khổng lồ her protagonist counterparts.

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