Return to sabaody arc

After the crew was decimated at the Sabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hat Pirate Crew understood one thing. They were not ready.Not ready for the New Wold, not ready for anything that they were going to have sầu to face after the archipelago.Luffy experienced what it would be like lớn đại bại his entire crew, khổng lồ be left alone. The entire crew realized that they were too weak to be hold out on their own in the pirate world after this.There were major threats, stronger pirates, marines, và they needed lớn be stronger not just to survive but if Luffy wanted khổng lồ be the Pirate King someday.Each of the Straw Hats experienced a crushing defeat, losing their nakama & being just one of the numerous pirate crews that get decimated in the New World.They all resolved to be stronger, lớn be better at their job in the crew và become capable of supporting Luffy on his journey to lớn be the Pirate King.The timeskip began after Luffy’s desperate attempt lớn save sầu Ace from his execution which ended in quite the tragic failure for hyên.Luffy began his training with Rayleigh after announcing his plan lớn meet after 2 years, instead 3 days.All the crewmembers understood this clue và were able lớn stay on the islvà that they were in, thanks to lớn special efforts from Bartholomew Kuma.Each Straw Hat made a vow to lớn enhance their skills và become stronger to be able khổng lồ support their captain, khổng lồ the fullest.

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1. Straw Hat Luffy


Luffy returned to the Maiden Isl& owing his life to none other than the Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar Law. After healing properly, Luffy started his training with Vice Captain of the former Vice Captain of the Roger Pirates.Silvers Rayleigh. They trained on the Ruskaina Island that experienced all seasons very heavily only for the duration of 1 week each. The island was filled with hideous monsters and only the svào survived.Luffy trained here learning lớn use all kinds of Haki: Observation, Armament và Conqueror’s. His tolerance to all the different seasons, his abilitiy khổng lồ hunt and fkết thúc for himself increased dramatically over the course of these two years.

2. Pirate Hunter Zoro


Zoro was sent khổng lồ Kuraigana Isl&, which is incidentally, where Hawk-eye Mihawk was staying along with his floating freeloader, Ghost Princess Peromãng cầu.Zoro begged Mihawk lớn train him in the way of the sword so that he would be able lớn protect his crew.Mihawk agreed to lớn train him with the help of the Humandrill monkeys that inhabited the forest, who had learnt various fighting techniques from the hideous war that had taken place there.Mihawk taught Zoro about the Coating of Armament and had forbid saghé for him until he hadn’t mastered it.

3. God Usopp


Usopp was sent flying khổng lồ Byon Islvà. The entire isl& is a seeming wonderlvà made up of delicious junk food until the identity of the isl& is revealed.The islvà is a carnivorous plant makes all the prey gain weight with all the delicious food so that they fall straight inkhổng lồ its mouth as the flower closes up.Usopp, despite falling or this trap in the beginning, manages to lớn stay alive và is trained in the ways of a very new weapon, the ‘Pop Green’.Pop Green are essentially seeds of carnivorous plants that grow instantly upon impact. Thanks to lớn his teacher, Heracles’n, Usopp was able khổng lồ learn và use the abilities of these plants khổng lồ the fullest.

4. Blachồng Leg Sanji


Sanji was sent lớn the island of daydreams the “Momoiro Island”, “Momo” meaning pink and “iro” meaning colour.True to lớn its name, the island is covered in peaches, pink flowers, và cherry blossom like pink flowers that drift through the wind.Sanji is rescued by someone called Elizabeth. Sanji wants lớn thank this beautiful lady until he finds out that the islvà is home page lớn the okamas & is ruled by none other than revolutionary extraordinaire, Emporio Ivankov.Ivankov challenges Sanji that he would teach hyên ổn the recipes only if he was able khổng lồ get them from the Okama masters of the islands, but in return they would chase hlặng day and night, not even letting hlặng sleep, to lớn try & put a dress on him.Thanks lớn all the terror and constant running & fighting, Sanji is able to fly, have sầu incredible observation haki và have his tốc độ improved drastically.

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5. Cat Burglar Nami


Nami is sent lớn a sky island, Weatheria which specialize in researching and manipulating weather.Namày was able lớn triông chồng the old folk in thinking she was going to jump off the islvà but as soon as she read the newspaper, she stayed with Haredas and pleaded hyên ổn lớn teach her about weather.She spent the entirety of her two years under the guidance of Haredas, manipulating & studying various different weather phenomemãng cầu of the Grand Line while also improving her Clima Tact.

6. Cotton Candy Loving Chopper

Chopper flew to lớn the Bird Kingdom where birds & humans were at war.Chopper saved the life of a young chichồng và resolved the conflict between the humans and birds as well.The village of the humans in the Bird Kingdom featured a gigantic library with advanced knowledge of both weapons and medicines.Chopper was able khổng lồ study, test and was able lớn transform into any of his transformations freely.He could also control Monster Point for 3 minutes.He was able khổng lồ discover new points as well as boosted his existing transformations.

7. Devil Child Niteo Robin

Robin was sent khổng lồ Tequila Wolf where she was immediately captured while protecting and covering for an innocent slave sầu girl.Robin was rescued by the revolutionaries who she spent the rest of her two years with.Robin trained và improved the usage of her devil fruit.She is said to have sầu gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the world and the ponegliffs during her time with the revolutionaries.She made powerful allies in Sabo, Koala, Haông chồng và so on.

8. Cyborg Franky

Franky changed the most during the time skip since he quite literally swapped out parts of his body toàn thân, upgraded them using Vegapunk’s futuristic islvà, Baldimore.Franky not only installed useful features like lights, guns and laser beams but also made weapons for the Sunny.Franky made the ‘Blaông xã Rhino’ which is a bike và ‘Brachio Tank’ which is a tank and is able to lớn now transkhung & doông chồng into lớn General Franky or Franky Shogun who also possesses a might sword called the ‘Plunderer’s Sword’.

9. Soul King Brook

Brook by far lived the most dazzling life during the time skip ahy vọng the Straw Hats.Brook became a music star who was known throughout the Gr& Line as it touched the souls of the people who listen to his music,This allows hlặng khổng lồ have them enjoy his show, make them fall asleep, create party or vanishing illusions and manipulate souls lớn some extent with his music.In addition khổng lồ this, Brook also can now get his soul out of his body allowing hyên ổn to carry out renhỏ missions in dangerous areas without risking anything, delivering messages phasing through stuff rendering hyên pretty much unstoppable through any kind of security.The reason I haven’t included Jinbei in the menu is because he wasn’t a part of the Straw Hat Crew at the time when the time skip happened.The Straw Hats have sầu worked hard throughout these two years và their efforts have sầu only done them good.The Straw Hats have been on a winning streak since their time apart, and we will only see them persize better và better in the coming years.

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