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TS Online mobile is the di động version of the legendary MMORPG role-playing game combining turn-based play base TS Online. You will play the role of a teenager who travels through the air during the fierce Three Kingdoms period. Here, you can "catch" the Three Kingdoms generals on your team lớn explore the world together, revolt together, fight in turn-based brainstorm turn turns.Together with Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi ... Or anyone in the Three Kingdoms period, you can rewrite the history of this period in TS Online Mobile.PlotTS Online sản phẩm điện thoại described the chaotic period of the Three Kingdoms of the Han Dynasty on the decline of eunuch, Dong Zhuo and yellow scarf. Risking the exchange of strength for thousands of years of his cultivation opened the portal of time to tìm kiếm for people with the fate of Destiny to lớn bring back the past.Role-playing as a young man, the player returns lớn the Three Kingdoms period, with the strength và wisdom of the chosen person, the player can also win illustrious generals to join the insurgent army of I, like Lu Bu, Gia cát Luong, quan lại Vu, Cao Cao, Sima Y.Featured in TS Online MobileCombining role-playing game MMORPG and turn-based fighting game Turn BaseThe game combines the most quality elements of the mmorpg role-playing trò chơi with a tactical turn based turn-based fighting style. This is a very interesting và fascinating gameplay for players.Massive mission system & many typesNot simply fighting monsters, collecting items, but also many other types of missions such as escorting, manufacturing, solving puzzles ... Until allowing players khổng lồ immerse themselves in the characters of the Three Kingdoms to vị missions. ...More than 300 famous generals of the Three KingdomsIn TS Online Mobile, if you want you can arrest Lu Bo, Gia mèo Luong, Bang Thong, Sima Y, Chu Du, Cao Cao, Trieu Van, quan liêu Vu, Truong Phi, Luu Be ... Of the Three Kingdoms period on his team.

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More than 300 famous generals are waiting for you to catch, waiting for you to lớn fight in the turn base battles.Many quality character development directionsIn addition to lớn the typical character development directions of the MMORPG role-playing trò chơi such as leveling up, enhancement, mosaic encrusted, mounts, fashion ... TS Online mobile has many other quality ways such as reincarnation, reincarnation, & study. New skills, collect, summon, train màn chơi items ..Calculate the peak tactics of the turnbase turn-based fighting gameEach decision of the player at every turn such as attack, defense, use skills, use items, select objects ... Are very important and need lớn think carefully. In addition, it is also necessary lớn have a full coordination with teammates when fighting pt. You can still win against the stronger.Many unique PvP activitiesAs an MMORPG role-playing game, you will be chiến đấu on the general maps or experience blazing battles. There is also PvP on the radio, team PvP, guild Guild ... Along with turn-based gameplay. Turn base tactical, TS Online mobile will satisfy the needs of gamers PK.Extremely high community factor in TS Online MobileThis is not an autistic mobile game but an extremely community game. The trò chơi has a system of tasks that require teams khổng lồ perform, activities that require high interaction between players ...Learn more about TS Online mobile (turnbase RPG legend)Homepage: https://ts.dzogame.vn

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