Ios 6 compatible jailbreak apps and tweaks


With the evasi0n iOS 6 jailbreak out and already on millions of devices it’s time to lớn check out the best Cydia apps available for iOS 6.

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The following Cydia apps will allow users to lớn tweak, customize và vị more with their jailbroken iPhone, máy tính bảng iPad or iPod cảm biến. All of these Cydia apps should work in on iOS 6 an iOS 6.1.

Most of these Cydia apps are aimed at the iPhone, and several are specifically designed for the iPhone 5, but we have a few great ipad tablet cydia apps as well.

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Unless noted, all of our best Cydia apps are available by searching Cydia without adding any extra repos.

Auxo – An Awesome Switcher

Auxo is one of the best Cydia apps available for iOS 6. Auxo replaces Apple’s tired old Switcher with one that shows a thẻ for each open app for a nicer looking switcher. User can also over và tiện ích with a swipe down, or over multiple apps at once by swiping down with more than one finger.

Swipe left to lớn right in Auxo for a larger easier to lớn use music control tiện ích & again for access lớn quiông xã settings & a screen brightness toggle lượt thích the iPad tablet.

Auxo is compatible with iOS 5.1 through iOS 6.1 và is iPhone only. Auxo costs $1.99.

WinterBoard & ayecon Theme

Jailbreaking the iPhone or ipad is a great way lớn customize the look of the device, & Winterboard is the best Cydia phầm mềm for giving your iOS device a new look.

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WinterBoard is a không tính phí Cydia ứng dụng that allows users lớn tải về and install themes that customize the look of the iPhone icons, status bar & much more.

Users can search for a number of great Winterboard themes for the iPhone and máy tính bảng ipad, but ayecon is a standout theme that users should check out right off the bat. Ayecon, pronounced icon, is a $2.99 WinterBoard theme that includes over 1trăng tròn new icons that automatically replace stochồng và third-buổi tiệc nhỏ icons.

FullForce for iPhone

Most iPhone apps are updated khổng lồ run on the iPhone 5’s larger screen, but not all of them are quite ready. Full Force for iPhone is a 99 cent Cydia ứng dụng that forces older apps lớn use the full screen on the iPhone 5.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="size-large wp-image-165185" title="FullForce iPhone Cydia App" src="https://www.gottabesản phẩm điện thoạ" alt="FullForce iPhone Cydia App" width="575" height="510" srcset="https://www.gottabeđiện thoạ 575w, https://www.gottabethiết bị di độ 300w, https://www.gottabethiết bị di độ 1280w" sizes="(max-width: 575px) 100vw, 575px" />FullForce for iPhone forces iPhone 4S apps khổng lồ fit the iPhone 5.

The app works on most apps without any issue, though occasionally an in-ứng dụng ad may show up higher than it should. The biggest reason for installing this is to keep the iPhone 5’s keyboard from getting pushed up form the bottom of the screen.


F.lux is one of the essential Cydia apps for users who use the iPhone or ipad at night or early in the morning. The phầm mềm adjusts the temperature of the display lớn prsự kiện the super-bright display from messing with your ability to fall sleep.

" data-medium-file="https://www.gottabedi độ" data-large-file="https://www.gottabethiết bị di độện ích.jpg" loading="lazy" class="size-full wp-image-165171" title="flux-cydia app" src="" alt="flux-cydia app" width="280" height="126" />f.lux is a great Cydia tiện ích for night time iPhone users.

The ứng dụng determines sunmix based on your location & adjust the screen accordingly. There is an option to lớn turn it off quickly if you need the iPhone or iPad’s screen lớn be normal.


IntelliscreenX is a loông chồng screen Cydia phầm mềm that puts the Notification Center, Facebook, Twitter, News & more on the lockscreen so it’s easy to lớn see what’s going on without unlocking the iPhone.

IntelliscreenX is $9.99 for new users and a $4.99 nâng cấp for existing users. The phầm mềm comes with a miễn phí trial.

Lownguồn Banner

If you hate those annoying low battery popups that interrupt whatever you are doing lớn tell you that battery life is at 20% or 10% left, grab the không tính tiền Lownguồn Banner cydia app.

" data-medium-file="https://www.gottabedi độ" data-large-file="https://www.gottabeđiện thoạ" loading="lazy" class="size-large wp-image-165190" title="lowpowerbanner cydia app" src="" alt="lowpowerbanner cydia app" width="575" height="313" srcset="https://www.gottabesản phẩm điện thoạ 575w, 300w, https://www.gottabedi độ 640w" sizes="(max-width: 575px) 100vw, 575px" />Ban big battery alerts with this không lấy phí cydia tiện ích.

Lownguồn Banner lets users customize the actions and sounds when the phone is charging, and when battery power is low. Most importantly it makes the pop up alert for low battery life an unobtrusive banner.


Safari can load pages faster than other apps, but with the Nitrous Cydia phầm mềm users of the iOS 6 jailbreak can speed up Chrome và browsers built into lớn other apps lượt thích Alien Blue.

" data-medium-file="https://www.gottabedi độ" data-large-file="https://www.gottabesản phẩm điện thoạ" loading="lazy" class="size-large wp-image-165193" title="Nitrous Cydia phầm mềm faster browsing" src="https://www.gottabedi độ" alt="Nitrous Cydia phầm mềm faster browsing" width="575" height="431" srcset=" 575w, 300w, https://www.gottabeđiện thoạ 640w" sizes="(max-width: 575px) 100vw, 575px" />Th Nitrous Cydia tiện ích speeds up browsing.

Nitrous lets third-party browsers use the Nitro Javascript engine that is normally reserved just for Safari, speeding up browsing across the board. Nitrous is 99 cents in Cydia.


Springtomize is an phầm mềm that lets user take control of many iPhone & ipad tablet settings. The $3 Cydia tiện ích allows users lớn put more icons in the doông xã, create more rows of icons & perform other inhỏ related tweaks.

" data-medium-file="https://www.gottabedi độ" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="size-large wp-image-165194" title="Springtomize best cydia apps" src="https://www.gottabeđiện thoạ" alt="Springtomize best cydia apps" width="575" height="510" srcset="https://www.gottabethiết bị di độ 575w, 300w, https://www.gottabesản phẩm điện thoạ 800w, https://www.gottabeđiện thoạ 1280w" sizes="(max-width: 575px) 100vw, 575px" />Springtomize 2 delivers control of many iPhone tweaks.

Springtomize also allows users to lớn put a custom carrier in the upper right corner, & much, much more. Cheông xã out Springtomize on the Cydia tiện ích store to see everything it can vì chưng.

Springtomize 2 is available for iOS 5 & iOS 6.

Octopus Keyboard

Users who like the look of the BlackBerry 10 keyboard, with on key word suggestions and the ability to fliông xã a word up to lớn the text entry box, will lượt thích the Octopus Keyboard.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="size-full wp-image-165196" title="Octopus Keyboard Cydia App BlackBerry 10 Keyboard" src="https://www.gottabedi độ" alt="Octopus Keyboard Cydia App BlackBerry 10 Keyboard" width="320" height="480" srcset="https://www.gottabethiết bị di độ 320w, 200w" sizes="(max-width: 320px) 100vw, 320px" />The Octopus Keyboard is lượt thích a BlackBerry 10 keyboard for the iPhone.

Octopus Keyboard is a $5 keyboard replacement that users will love sầu or hate. The ứng dụng takes some getting used to, so it would be nice if there was a trial, but at $5 it’s worth a shot for users who want a different typing experience on the iPhone.


Activator is a miễn phí Cydia ứng dụng that allows users to mix up gestures khổng lồ take the place of button presses. The phầm mềm is one of the first Cydia apps available & it remains a must have sầu Cydia tiện ích.

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" data-medium-file="https://www.gottabeđiện thoạ" data-large-file="https://www.gottabesản phẩm điện thoạ" loading="lazy" class="size-large wp-image-165201" title="Activator Cydia App iOS 6 Jailbreak app" src="https://www.gottabedi độ" alt="Activator Cydia App iOS 6 Jailbreak app" width="575" height="510" srcset="https://www.gottabeđiện thoạ 575w, https://www.gottabedi độ 300w, https://www.gottabedi độầm mềm.jpg 1280w" sizes="(max-width: 575px) 100vw, 575px" />Activator is a free Cydia app that brings more gesture control to lớn the iOS 6.

In addition lớn the built-in functions, users can also tải về third-buổi tiệc nhỏ Activator extensions khổng lồ do even more.


BeeKeyboard is a Cydia phầm mềm that is best suited for the Máy tính bảng iPad or máy tính bảng iPad mini as it allows users lớn phối up custom Bluetooth keyboard gestures.

Users can even link BeeKeyboard up with Activator for more control and download add ons lớn control apps lượt thích Safari from the keyboard.

BeeKeyboard is a $2.99 Cydia app.

SBSettings or NC Settings

SBSettings and NCSettings are two Cydia apps that put quichồng controls in the Notification Center or with a swipe on the status bar.

" data-medium-file="https://www.gottabedi độ" data-large-file="https://www.gottabesản phẩm điện thoạ" loading="lazy" class="size-large wp-image-165200" title="NCSettings Cydia App" src="https://www.gottabethiết bị di độ" alt="NCSettings Cydia App" width="534" height="575" srcset=" 534w, https://www.gottabesản phẩm điện thoạ 278w, https://www.gottabedi độ 640w" sizes="(max-width: 534px) 100vw, 534px" />NCSettings offers fast access to lớn iPhone settings toggles.

Both of these apps offer fast access to lớn toggles for Công nghệ Bluetooth, re-springing, brightness & more. SBSettings & NCSettings are free in the Cydia ứng dụng store.


BiteSMS is a message replacement Cydia phầm mềm that offers a lot of added functionality to users who want lớn lớn quick reply to lớn messages, auto-forward and other features.

BiteSMS is a free Cydia app, but users can get a pro version with no ads. BiteSMS is a continual favorite jailbreak ứng dụng & it’s as good as ever on the iPhone 5.

Dashboard X

Dashboard X is a great Cydia tiện ích that lets users put widgets on the iPhone home screen, lượt thích Android users can. The app can let users widgets lượt thích NCSettings on the trang chính screen và widgets to lớn tweet or calendars.

Here are a collection of the best Dashboard X widgets lớn get you started. Dashboard X is $1.99 in Cydia.


If you prefer lớn use Google Maps over Apple Maps, MapsOpener is a Cydia tweak that will force the iPhone khổng lồ open map liên kết in Google Maps automatically.

" data-medium-file="https://www.gottabethiết bị di độ" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class="size-large wp-image-165249" title="Google MapsOpener Cydia Tweak" src="" alt="Google MapsOpener Cydia Tweak" width="575" height="475" srcset="https://www.gottabedi độ 575w, https://www.gottabeđiện thoạ 300w, 600w" sizes="(max-width: 575px) 100vw, 575px" />Make Google Maps open by mặc định on iOS 6.

MapsOpener is a không lấy phí Cydia Tweak that is compatible with iOS 6 & is a must have sầu for any Google Maps user.


Plugication is a nice small Cydia tweak that automatically starts playing your music when you plug your headphones in. This is handy for users who rely on the iPhone or máy tính bảng iPad for music và audio books, & a great way to get your music started bachồng up when plugging inkhổng lồ an AUX in a car. Plugication is không tính phí.


Jailbreak users looking for more gesture control can install Zephyr to control the iPhone with multitasking gestures like those found on the iPad tablet.

For example, users can swipe up lớn reveal the switcher and swipe from the side to switch apps. Zephyr is $4.99 on the Cydia tiện ích store.


Quasar is a window manager for the ipad that allows users to lớn use multiple apps at once, kind of lượt thích the Galaxy lưu ý 2, but with more flexibility. Users can open apps in windows side by side as shown in the đoạn Clip below.

Quasar is one of the best Cydia apps for the ipad và it costs $9.99 in the Cydia phầm mềm store.


TetherMe is a Cydia app that promises không lấy phí tethering for iPhone users without paying their carriers’ monthly fees. The App claims lớn hide tethering activity, but it is likely against your terms of service so use it at your own risk.

TetherMe uses the same Personal Hotspot feature that is built inlớn the iPhone for WiFi, Công nghệ Bluetooth and USB tethering. TetherMe is $4.99 in the Cydia ứng dụng store.

3G Unrestrictor

3G Unrestrictor is a Cydia app that removes the limits Apple puts on downloads, letting users tải về large apps, HD movies and more while on 3G và 4G LTE.

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3G Unrestrictor is $3.99 in the Cydia app store. Users should be cautious of going over their mobile data plan limits.


Do you constantly get phone calls from an ex or from a debt collector? If so iBlackList is a great Cydia app khổng lồ install. After installing iBlackList, the iPhone will block calls, iMessages, texts, phokhổng lồ messages & FaceTime calls from unwanted people và companies.

" data-medium-file="https://www.gottabethiết bị di độ" data-large-file="https://www.gottabedi độứng dụng.png" loading="lazy" class="size-full wp-image-165257" title="Bloông xã calls on iPhone cydia app" src="https://www.gottabedi độầm mềm.png" alt="Blochồng calls on iPhone cydia app" width="404" height="368" srcset="ứng dụng.png 404w, https://www.gottabeđiện thoạ 300w" sizes="(max-width: 404px) 100vw, 404px" />iBlackList blocks calls, texts and more on the iPhone.

iBlackList is a available as a miễn phí trial with a $12 purchase option.

Retro Gaming Emulators

Nintenbởi vì won’t likely ever bring old gaming classics lượt thích Mario lớn the iPhone, but with a jailbreak và the right Cydia apps it’s possible to play NES & Super NES games on the iPhone with an emulator. Users can also pair a controller for a better experience.

Password Pilot

Password Pilot và Password Pilot Pro are Cydia apps that remove the need khổng lồ enter your iTunes App Store password when you buy an ứng dụng or nâng cấp in iTunes.

This is not recommended if you tóm tắt your iPhone with others, or don’t use a PassCode as anyone who has your phone will be able lớn make purchases. Password Pilot is Free, Password Pilot Pro includes more options & is $1.9 in Cydia.

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