Ubuntu vs windows 10: which os is better for you?


We break down the vị trí cao nhất desktop operating systems from Microsoft, Apple, Google, và Ubuntu to lớn help you pick the one that's right for you. New for this update: Windows 11!


(Illustration: Rene Ramos)
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You don’t have a great many choices when it comes to your computer"s operating system, but the choice that you make can have wide-ranging consequences. The five OSes included here are your most viable options. That"s not a huge number, but these operating systems differ distinctly in strengths and weaknesses. Four come from gargantuan commercial tech giants, while one, the Linux-based Ubuntu, is a free, open-source option. Windows and macOS are generally the most powerful in terms of hardware & software selection as well as interface conveniences & utilities, while Chrome OS is more lightweight & runs on inexpensive hardware.

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If you need to run software that"s only compatible with a particular operating system (usually Windows or macOS), then you"re somewhat limited, though there are ways around those obstacles with multiboot setups and virtualization software. For example, you can run Windows on a Mac inside a virtual machine (VM) or dual-boot using Boot Camp (if you have an Intel-based Mac). You can also create a Linux partition on a Windows PC and boot to lớn that when the need arises. There"s no running macOS outside of an actual Mac computer, though, unless you"re comfortable jumping through the technical hoops required to create a Hackintosh.

In this mini-roundup, we only include consumer operating systems. We"ll leave IBM i, Suse Linux, vps OSes, and the rest for another day. & well beyond the scope of this article are some bizarre & obscure operating systems that most people never heard of.

For a blow-by-blow comparison of the two leading choices, Windows and macOS, read macOS vs. Windows: Which OS Really Is the Best?

What Is an Operating System?

An operating system is software that makes your computer work at all. It provides an interface between the hardware, the application software running on the hardware, & the user interacting with the software. Today"s modern OSes include slick user interfaces & loads of utilities, tools, and preloaded apps that let you bởi a lot without even installing third-party application software. Those apps include photo editors, đoạn phim editors, web browsers, e-mail clients, calendars, text editors, music players, among others.

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An operating system also includes tools to lớn keep your computer running smoothly, safely, & malware-free. Most even include built-in security features and tư vấn for VPNs. Much of an operating system"s security và stability is maintained by an automated update process that makes sure the system receives timely fixes to hardware và software compatibility & vulnerability issues.

With smartphonessuch a prevalent part of modern life, a good desktop operating system needs to lớn work in concert with those devices. The cloud (aka online storage và syncing) is another prevalent theme in today"s technology domain, và most operating systems integrate with their own cloud services, with varying degrees of functionality.

While Ubuntu is what"s known as free và open-source software (FOSS). Chrome OS is based on the company"s open-source Chromium project, meaning volunteer coders can contribute to the code & third parties can put out their own versions, but Chrome OS is Google"s proprietary version of that codebase. In fact, you can"t even install Chrome OS proper on computer hardware that"s not sanctioned by Google, something you can vì with Windows và Linux.

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