How to check the current version and update to the latest version


Popular apk emulator NoxPlayer released version with an optional apk 7.1.2 emulation mode in NoxPlayer Multi-Drive, but many people have trouble finding it – because by default, NoxPlayer is apk 4.0, and you vì not update NoxPlayer through the apk emulator itself.

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To launch NoxPlayer in the latest app android 7.1.2 emulation, you need to create a new emulator state for NoxPlayer via the Multi-Drive application. This Appual’s guide will show you how lớn update NoxPlayer to game android 7.

NoxPlayer running in apk 7.1.2Navigate to the folder where Nox.exe is installed (e.g. C:Program Files (x86)Noxin)You should see another application called MultiPlayerManager.exe – go ahead and launch it.At the bottom of the Nox multi-instance manager, click the button “Add emulator”.
Add app android 7.1.2 Nougat to NoxPlayerChoose “New emulator-Android7.1.2(Beta-version)”It will go through a downloading process, just wait until its done.Now click the Gear icon on the same line as the new emulator.Now you launch NoxPlayer in apk 7 Nougat emulated state by clicking the “Play” button.

From now on, you need to launch this emulator state through the multi-drive application, because launching Nox.exe will launch the default app android 4 version of NoxPlayer.

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How lớn root NoxPlayer

To “root” NoxPlayer in its apk 7 Nougat emulated state, you just need to click the “System Settings” button at the top of NoxPlayer’s emulator window, then go lớn General Settings > Root Startup > enable “Root” checkbox. Then restart the NoxPlayer.

Additional NotesIf you find apps frequently crash when launching, or flicker in browsers, try changing NoxPlayer’s mặc định screen setting from Tablet (Landscape) to Portrait (Mobile).
NoxPlayer changes OpenGL khổng lồ DirectX.

If you get low FPS in games like Bullet Force Multiplayer và Combat Reloaded, try changing graphics from Compatible (OpenGL) khổng lồ Speed (DirectX), and adjust the FPS slider up to lớn 60.

Bullet Force Multiplayer ran in NoxPlayer apk emulator.To play multiplayer LAN games, you need khổng lồ set up Bridge Connection in Settings > Property settings > Enable “Network Bridge connection”.

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