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Naruto: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Kushina Uzumaki As with all characters, even one as minor as Kushimãng cầu, there are a few things about her that don"t make an awful lot of sense.

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While he spent most of the series without his parents, Naruto"s mother & father were both extremely caring, valuing his life above their own. It"s what made Naruto perceive sầu Minalớn & Kushina so heartwarmingly in the series, even if both times revolved around stopping Kurama from taking him over.

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Kushina didn"t get quite as much screentime as Minato lớn did, her role being far less important in the grvà scheme of things. As with all characters, even one as minor as Kushimãng cầu, there are a few things about her that don"t make an awful lot of sense.

Her special chakra explains some of this, granting her the ability to control the Kyubii to a degree. It was also what caused her to lớn survive sầu its removal, an act that usually kills the host. The issue is she was still incredibly weakened and lacking in chakra. She shouldn"t have sầu been able to muster enough strength to lớn restrain the Nine-Tails.

Let alone vì that và carry on the conversation she had with her husb&, Minato, the entire time. Her role in the resealing of the Kyuubi should have been minimal.

There is no denying that this scene is touching and defines how both Kushimãng cầu and Minalớn were as characters. It"s one of the more tear-jerking scenes in the entire show, but for as good as it is, it isn"t really feasible.

The Kyuubi impaled both of them through the chest, an act that should have sầu resulted in instant death or, at the most, giving them a few seconds of life. Instead, it felt lượt thích the pair got a whole minute khổng lồ depart wisdom onlớn Naruto lớn.

Narulớn và Sasuke as children fighting
The situation with Mikoto lớn and Kushina being best friends is one that felt lượt thích an unnecessary coincidence when the anime started delving deeper inkhổng lồ her backstory.

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You didn"t need further ties between Sasuke và Naruto, especially not their mothers wishing that they would grow up to lớn be friends, something that naturally came true. It made it feel like the two of them were destined lớn be friends, which given the Kaguya fight, may not be far from the truth.

7 Genetic Tic

Many things can be passed down khổng lồ your children, from appearance lớn certain personality traits & even personality quirks. In that sense, it"s not odd that Naruto lớn has a lot of Kushina"s personality inside him.

What is strange is hyên having the exact same verbal tic that she has, saying you know or dattebayo at the over of her sentences. Those sorts of tics aren"t genetic, nor was she around lớn have sầu him piông xã up them while he was younger. It"s also something that was passed down to Boruto lớn as well.

As a youth, Kushimãng cầu had uncontrollable anger that was pointed towards anyone who dared make fun of her. She was rumored lớn be able to take multiple people on at the same time, even genin cấp độ ninja. It helped earn her the nickname, Red Hot-Blooded Habanero.

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It makes you wonder why kids kept trying lớn piông chồng on her and more than that, how she supposedly lacked ninja skill despite being able to lớn defeat people a higher rank than her.

5 Improper Depiction

This is less on the character và more on the anime studio. When Kushina was first depicted in the anime, she was shown with violet-xanh eyes & more of a deep plum hair color.

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It"s a mistake that carried over to Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Clip game as well. Thankfully, it"s a mistake that is fixed later in the anime, giving her the proper flaming red hair that matches her nickname. Everything about her first iteration was far too subdued.

The final game in the series has a ridiculous amount of characters, so it isn"t shocking that they tried lớn include everyone they possibly could. What"s odd is that Kushimãng cầu was one of the ones khổng lồ make the cut, considering the only thing she"d ever been shown on screen doing is restraining Kurama with chains.

It"s why her character was more of a joke, throwing pots & pans at characters rather than kunai & playing off her temper rather than any ability.

3 Falling In Love With Minato So Fast

In the heat of the moment, it makes sense khổng lồ get some feelings for the person who saved you, especially a person as nice as Minato lớn. It just seemed lượt thích all it took was for hyên khổng lồ compliment her hair và say he admired her before she was head over heels in love sầu with him.

Admittedly, part of this is due to their life only ever being seen in flashbacks rather than in real-time. Things tkết thúc to need to be sped up when it isn"t happening in real-time.

Overcoming hate is the main theme of the whole series, và that forgiveness is how the world can change. It"s a noble message và one that makes Naruto such a great anime, even if it stumbles at times during the final arc.

That"s why it"s no surprise that Kushina"s love sầu for Naruto lớn is enough to beat bachồng Kurama"s hatred, stopping it before he can consume Narukhổng lồ. While it fits the tone, it doesn"t make it feel any less hokey, lacking some of the impact that Minato"s appearance earlier did.

1 Playing Favorites

For as caring an individual as she was, it"s surprising to lớn know that she had favorites amuốn Minato"s students. She always found Rin adorable, often hugging and kissing her forehead.

Obito was her favorite though, likely because of his goofball personality, something that would kết thúc up inherent in her child. Poor Kakashi was always the odd man out baông chồng then, even though he had the most potential of the three.

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