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Kansai Gadẻo University invites students lớn come participate in the prestigious Asian Studies Program! The program takes place at the university in Osaka, Japan. The focus is split up inlớn two areas. One focuses on Japanese language training, covering reading, writing, and conversation skills. The second includes course options in the fields of Social Sciences, Humanities, và Business/Economics pertinent lớn nhật bản & Asia.

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During the program, students can choose khổng lồ stay with a local host family as a guest in their home, in a student dormitory, or arrange their own housing. Check out more information today by consulting the Kansai Gadẻo University - Asian Studies Program website!

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EF Language Year Abroad with in Tokyo, Japan
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World Campus - Japan Program

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 Yes, I recommend this program

Kansai Gaidai Academic Year 2007-2008

Jun 13, 2021

My study abroad experience in nhật bản impacted the trajectory of my career. I studied abroad from Fall 2007 to Spring 2008; it was an interesting time lớn be in nhật bản as I got to lớn see what chiến dịch coverage looked like from Japan's perspective in the lead up to the 2008 election. I stayed with my trang chủ stay family the entire year & have gone bachồng to visit them since. Hirakata is well situated to travel throughout the Kansai region và nhật bản. I found my classes interesting và just challenging enough.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would have stayed in nhật bản for at least part of the winter break and done some more traveling.
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 Yes, I recommover this program

Kankhông đúng Gaidẻo Study Abroad

May 1, 2012

I had a wonderful experience at Kankhông nên Gaidai. The Japanese classes were challenging & I really felt my language skills improve sầu during my time there. The school helped me arrange a homestay with a Japanese host family. The staff was very helpful in solving problems. I met lots of great people from all over the world and was involved in lots of fun activities within the program and in the community. If you are interested in Japanese culture I would highly recommover the Kankhông nên region và Kankhông nên Gaidai University!

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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Amãng cầu Margaridomain authority Cardoso
Kankhông đúng Gaidai University - Asian Studies Program
Amãng cầu Margaridomain authority Cardoso is from Guimarães, Portugal, and is now taking her masters degree in Strategic Communication in Lisbon. She’s 21 years old & enjoys khiêu vũ và reading. She also loves writing (has two novels published in Portugal) & she’s in love with travelling and getting lớn know other cultures.

Highlights: One of the highlights is, undoubtedly, the “Arigalớn Event” (or “Thank you Event”) that we used khổng lồ make at the over of each week, when we left the town. All of the group would go lớn the stage and put up a show lớn say “Thank you” lớn all of the community, that received và treated us so so well. It was a very emotional moment, where our feeling of gratitude overflow from our dances và singing. It’s not a professional show, but that’s not the point anyway. We just wanted lớn say “thank you” from our heart and give sầu a good time to lớn all of those that made that week an amazing and unforgettable one!

On a more personal and academic level, I feel lượt thích this trip gave me much more confident lớn giảm giá with the unexpected. With WCI, I learned that magic really happens when I’m out of my comfort zone, và that I can vị much more that what I thought I was able to. That allowed me to face the world in a different, positive sầu way. Also, I love getting to lớn know more about different cultures & WCI allowed me to really get to lớn know Japan not from the point of view of a tourist, but really from the perspective sầu of the local communities. I made great friends while there that I still keep in touch. Last year, I went to lớn the USA khổng lồ meet with one of them, & she also visited me in Portugal! It really shows how powerful this experience is, that allows you to create really svào bonds in such a small amount of time!

Morning: We used to lớn wake up really early in the morning, in order to enjoy the day lớn the fullest! So, usually, I woke up around 6h40am & then had breakfast around 7am. Breakfast was one of my favourite times of the day, because my host families really put a lot of effort inkhổng lồ being all together, talking about the plans for the days. I rethành viên that I always felt more excited about the day that was awaiting for me after sharing with them what I was going to bởi with the World Campus Group. Around 8am, I would meet with the group. Normally, we had some time to talk to lớn each others about the time we spent with our host families and would cốt truyện our experiences with them... And afterwards, we would start our activities & interact with the local communities!

Afternoon: It’s not easy khổng lồ describe a “typical” afternoon, since World Campus offers the opportunity lớn bởi so many different things everyday! But we were always working with the local communities, whether it was getting khổng lồ know the city we were in with college students, or helping preparing a festival, or helping the farmers taking the weeds out of the rice fields. The one thing that was comtháng in all afternoons was that I felt lượt thích I was always learning something new. The WCI group in itself is wonderful lớn get lớn know more about different cultures, since we’re all from different places. Also, the activities sometimes pushed us out of our comfort zones, and that allowed me khổng lồ realize that I could vì chưng a lot more that what I thought I could. It helped me build up confidence.

Evening: Before returning lớn our host families, we would make a wrap-up of the day. We would discussed what we’ve sầu done and cốt truyện opinions about what we saw và done. Then, our host families would come khổng lồ pichồng us up. I loved to lớn sit with my host families, during dinner, và just tell them what I’ve sầu done during the day. They showed a lot of interest in knowing what I liked more, và would tell me more about that specific topic. Sometimes, in the evening, they would also take me to lớn some local festivals, dress me in a kimono or play board games with me. They also would explain to me the meaning behind some of their rituals, lượt thích the tea ceremony. I felt lượt thích those were precious times that really allowed me lớn get into lớn the Japanese culture!

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