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Want lớn set videos as live wallpapers on your game android device? check out this post for a few third-party apps that let you bởi just that.

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The Google Play Store is home to an insane number of live wallpaper apps. These apps offer a vast selection of live wallpapers khổng lồ help you customize your device. But there"s one crucial personalization feature that most of these apps don"t offer — the ability lớn set your own videos or GIFs as live wallpapers on your device. Thankfully, there are a couple of handy apps that can help you vày just that. In this post, we"ll be taking a close look at how you can use one of these apps to lớn set videos as live wallpapers on your game android device, how you can vị so on some Samsung phones without a third-party app, & we"ll also take a look at a couple of alternative apps that you can use for this purpose.

How to lớn set videos as live wallpapers on Android

To set videos as live wallpapers on an app android device, you"ll need to install a third-party ứng dụng like đoạn phim to Wallpaper. The ứng dụng is quite simple to lớn use, and I"m sure most of you will be able to lớn figure out the process by yourself. But if you face any issues, here"s a quick overview of how you can use it to set any đoạn clip as a live wallpaper on your phone:

On the app"s home page, tap on the + icon in the bottom right corner to địa chỉ cửa hàng a new video.


In the following pop-up, tap on the "Choose" button lớn select the wallpaper from your device"s internal storage.


The selected wallpaper will appear on the app"s homescreen, và you"ll have to tap on the "Apply" button underneath it khổng lồ proceed khổng lồ the next step.

This will bring up another pop-up window with instructions on how lớn apply the wallpaper. Tap on OK on the window.
You should now see a preview pane with a "Set Wallpaper" button at the bottom. You can tap on this button khổng lồ proceed lớn the next step, or you can kiểm tra the Preview option in the đứng top right corner khổng lồ view the wallpaper in full-screen mode.
Tapping on the mix Wallpaper button will bring up a prompt asking you to lớn select where you want khổng lồ apply the selected wallpaper. It includes two options -- one khổng lồ apply the wallpaper to lớn your homescreen và the other to lớn apply it lớn both the homescreen & the lockscreen.
The live wallpaper should now appear on your homescreen and/or lockscreen based on your selection. You can follow the same steps khổng lồ change the live wallpaper whenever you please. All the live wallpapers you pick in step 4 will appear on the app"s homescreen for easy access, so you"ll be able to lớn switch between them without following steps 2 & 3 every time.

Video to lớn Wallpaper is one of the simplest apps you can use khổng lồ set videos as live wallpapers on your game android phone. I picked it over the other apps mentioned below for one simple reason: It"s ad-free. If you"re looking for an app that offers more controls and customization options or is easier to use, you should check out the alternatives mentioned below.

Before we get lớn the alternatives though, let"s take a look at another handy trick that will let you set videos as live wallpapers on a Samsung Galaxy device without a third-party app.

How to set videos as live wallpapers on Samsung Galaxy phones

You can phối videos as live wallpapers on Samsung Galaxy phones without using any third-party apps. To do so, follow these steps:

open the video clip you want khổng lồ set as a wallpaper in the Gallery app.

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This will bring up two options — "Lock screen" & "Call background". Tap on the "Lock screen" option to set the video clip as a wallpaper on the lockscreen. Do lưu ý that the feature supports videos up to lớn 15 seconds, & you"ll have to lớn crop your video clip if it"s longer in the next step.
In the following window, tap on the scissor icon on the video to crop it or tap on the "Set on Lock screen" button to apply the wallpaper.
Sadly, this feature won"t let you phối a đoạn clip as a live wallpaper on the homescreen. You"ll still have to lớn rely on a third-party phầm mềm for that purpose. Thankfully, there are quite a few options out there. We"ve already talked about the video to Wallpaper app. Now let"s take a look at four other apps that you can use for this purpose.

Best apps khổng lồ set videos (or GIFs) as live wallpapers on Android

1. Any đoạn phim Live Wallpaper

Although the video to Wallpaper ứng dụng is quite simple lớn use, if you want something even simpler and don"t mind a couple of ads, you can try the Any video Live Wallpaper app. The app has a minimal UI with just two large buttons in the center.

You can tap on the "Video" button khổng lồ pick the wallpaper you wish to lớn use, select it on the following screen, check the preview, tap on the "Set wallpaper" button, và apply it lớn either the homescreen or both the homescreen and the lockscreen.

2. Video Live Wallpaper

For those who need some additional customization options, the đoạn clip Live Wallpaper phầm mềm is another great alternative. The ứng dụng not only lets you phối any video clip as a live wallpaper on your homescreen or lockscreen, but it also gives you a couple of additional settings to lớn trim the video, enable/disable audio, & scale the đoạn clip to fit the screen.

Additionally, the ứng dụng offers a "Color" tab that you can use to lớn set a solid color static wallpaper on your phone. However, the ứng dụng has a couple of drawbacks. It has a persistent ad banner at the top, its UI looks outdated, và the đoạn phim selection screen isn"t the most ideal.

3. Wallpapers free — đoạn phim Wallpapers và Backgrounds

The Wallpapers không lấy phí app offers a vast selection of live và static wallpapers across various categories. On đứng đầu of that, it lets you set your own videos as live wallpapers. However, the process isn"t exactly straightforward. To set your own videos as live wallpapers, tap on the hamburger menu button in the đứng top left corner of the app"s homescreen. Select the "Photos & videos on your device" option in the menu, tap on "Accept" on the following page, and then pick a đoạn clip from your phone"s internal storage.

Once again, the app"s đoạn clip browser isn"t great, so looking for the đoạn phim you want khổng lồ set as a live wallpaper might be a bit difficult. The ứng dụng also has large banner ads & the occasional pop-up ad, which may turn away many users. On the upside, the ứng dụng offers a bunch of additional live và static wallpapers. It even includes an auto change wallpaper feature with which you can mix up a couple of static wallpapers lớn cycle on your homescreen automatically.

4. Video clip Wallpaper

The clip Wallpaper ứng dụng is another simple alternative that lets you mix any đoạn clip as a live wallpaper with just a couple of taps. The app"s homescreen shows a menu of videos from your internal storage that you can use as a live wallpaper. Sadly, tapping on any clip brings up a full-screen ad. After you remove the ad, the tiện ích gives you a couple of customization options that let you turn on audio on the live wallpaper, scale to lớn fit the screen, & double-tap to lớn start/pause the live wallpaper.

To set a live wallpaper, tap on the "Set as launcher wallpaper" button, kiểm tra the preview, and tap on "Set wallpaper." The ứng dụng lets you phối videos as live wallpapers on just the homescreen or the homescreen & lockscreen both. Out of all the apps mentioned on this list, the video clip Wallpaper ứng dụng was the most annoying to lớn use because of the sheer number of ads.

If I had to lớn pick just one tiện ích out of the lot, I would go with the đoạn phim to Wallpaper ứng dụng because of the reasons mentioned above. But the Any clip Live Wallpaper phầm mềm is also a decent alternative.

Which tiện ích are you going lớn use lớn set videos as live wallpapers on your phone? nói qua your thoughts in the comments section below.

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