Vivo nex 3 review: a solid alternative to the mate 30 pro, actually


Witness a flawless display that commands your full attention. With touch Sense, NEX 3 ushers in a new age of smart phones. Its 6.89-inch flexible display delights with cinematic wonder, while the almost vertical edge screens expand into infinity. The E3 OLED display filters out harmful blue light at low power nguồn consumption, bringing this tantalizing view without eyestrain. This is unibody simplicity at its most impressive, offering a tremendous visual impact without the extra bulk.

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Note: Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.89 inches in the full rectangle, however, the display’s actual screen kích cỡ is slightly smaller. In accordance with general industry practice, ‘full-view screen’ refers to phones with narrow bezels and a high screen-to-body ratio.

Note: 6.89-inch is the screen form size measured diagonally in a full rectangle, & the actual screen viewing area is slightly smaller.
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Touch Sense + X-Axis HapticLet Your Senses Tingle

Feel the pulse of the future. Cảm biến Sense is supported by pressure sensors và multiple-sensor algorithms that replace the traditional volume và power buttons. It’s undergone significant real-world testing to deliver the ideal pressure sensitivity for every day user’s habits. A further X-axis Haptic vibration motor helps create enhanced tangible feedback. And when playing games, 4d Vibration brings the fire of the battleground to your hand.

A thiết kế AdventureLet the Magic Happen

A reimagined design celebrates’s relentless drive of expanding horizons & exploring the unknown, inviting you on a new adventure. Come and experience the timeless magic of the màu sắc black và watch it dance with the light. On NEX 3’s pure đen back cover sits a round panel with three cameras, recreating the classic Lunar Ring Camera System. Finely-crafted with expertise, it delivers the ultimate in sophistication.


64MPSuper HD Professional PhotographyLet’s Have It All

NEX 3 is engineered with a 64MP main camera, 13MP wide-angle camera and a 13MP telescopic camera. Algorithmically optimized, this trio gives you perfect results whether opting for macro, wide-angle or telephoto pictures. Capture details in Super HD that remain clear even when you zoom up close. Enjoy the freedom lớn crop và edit as much as you like. Và create clear and magical videos like never before.Wherever you record your life’s magic moments, NEX 3 never ceases khổng lồ surprise.

Note: 117 degrees with wide-angle correction on.

Portrait MasterLet It Be You

Bring beauty out of the shadows with Hyper-HDR. Designed for portraits, it increases dynamic range between your face và the frame’s lightest spot to 7.65EV, so your beauty stands out against backlight. Enhancing further, a range of advanced color technologies give your skin a stunning, natural look. With Portrait Master, what you see is what you get.

binhphap.vnComputation Acceleration PlatformLet’s Race

Independently developed by, VCAP provides comprehensive on-device AI acceleration capabilities. It boosts hardware performance, from CPU, GPU, DSP lớn NPU. It also optimizes AI algorithms, increasing the efficiency, speed & smoothness of all AI features while consuming less power.

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In-Display FingerprintScanningLet"s Go

Our next generation In-Display Fingerprint Scanning công nghệ improves on both sensitivity and accuracy. Plus, enjoy its array of sci-fi inspired animations that unlock a stylish world with one easy touch.

Note: All data from labs. Actual performance may vary depending on phone situation, temperature và other factors.

Hi-FiLet the Sounds cảm ứng You

The AK4377A independent audio chip delivers the quintessential Hi-Fi experience. Enjoy a more immersive music experience, relive your favorite concerts & get lost in your most-loved songs.

NFCLet Life be a Breeze

With an NFC chip conveniently built in, NEX 3 makes errands a breeze when you’re out và about.

Disclaimer:The hàng hóa pictures shown are for reference only, the images shown on the display screen are simulated, and for demonstration purposes only. Please take actual products as standard. All comparisons shown on this page refer khổng lồ products only.All data is based on our technical design parameters, laboratory kiểm tra results and supplier kiểm tra data. Actual performance may vary depending on software version, specific thử nghiệm environment và phone reserves the right to lớn amend these specifications and descriptions, & amend the hàng hóa described without giving any prior notice.

Side Ambient LightLet the Show Start

NEX 3 thrills don’t stop at first sight. With the own quality user interface, it’s the gateway to lớn a hi-tech future. A sci-fi inspired light show greets you on incoming calls. Even when locked, its mesmerizing lights rock và roll to lớn the beat of your tunes. Every facet of your thiết bị di động life is now that much cooler.


New Pro ModeLet Simplicity Reign

You get all the credit while Pro Mode does all the work. Photo skills once thought complicated are now made simple, with easy-to-use templates và ample freedom to lớn edit. Plus, for those in the know, make fine-tune adjustments as-you-like in the settings, for results worthy of your professional talents.

Multi-Camera: Full Focal CoverageLet Imaginations Run Wild

Now nothing is beyond your reach when it comes to taking photos. NEX 3 covers every distance, with macro, wide-angle & telescopic capabilities. From delicate morning dew to lớn awe-inspiring grand mountains: it’s all for the taking.

Jovi Smart SceneLet it Help You

Jovi is the AI assistant who has your best interests at heart. It can kindly remind you to hydrate or take a break, và let you know about possible rain on your commute home. We know you’re worth the attention.

Jovi Image RecognizerLet Intelligence Deliver

With VCAP providing a real speed boost, Jovi Image Recognizer is now faster & more accurate than ever before. It helps you categorize your albums, perform smart searches within them, detect scenes & group faces. It makes scanned documents look perfect & much more too. Always on hand to help, Jovi is the AI assistant who"ll recognize everything.

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