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Below is a danh mục of major Windows versions and their associated version numbers:

Reference Table for Windows Version Numbers
Operating SystemVersion DetailsVersion Number
Windows 11Windows 11 (21H2)10.0.22000
Windows 10Windows 10 (21H2)10.0.19044
Windows 10 (21H1)10.0.19043
Windows 10 (20H2)10.0.19042
Windows 10 (2004)10.0.19041
Windows 10 (1909)10.0.18363
 Windows 10 (1903)10.0.18362
 Windows 10 (1809)10.0.17763
 Windows 10 (1803)10.0.17134
 Windows 10 (1709)10.0.16299
 Windows 10 (1703)10.0.15063
 Windows 10 (1607)10.0.14393
 Windows 10 (1511)10.0.10586
 Windows 1010.0.10240
Windows 8Windows 8.1 (Update 1)6.3.9600
 Windows 86.2.9200
Windows 7Windows 7 SP16.1.7601
 Windows 76.1.7600
Windows VistaWindows Vista SP26.0.6002
 Windows Vista SP16.0.6001
 Windows Vista6.0.6000
Windows XPWindows XP25.1.26003

<1> More specific than a version number, at least in Windows, is a build number, often indicating exactly what major update or service pack has been applied lớn that Windows version. This is the last number shown in the version number column, lượt thích 7600 for Windows 7. Some sources note the build number in parenthesis, like 6.1 (7600).

<2> Windows XP Professional 64-bit had its own version number of 5.2. As far as we know, that's the only time Microsoft has designated a special version number for a specific edition và architecture-type of a Windows operating system.

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<3> Service pack updates lớn Windows XP did update the build number but in a very minor and long-winded way. For example, Windows XP with SP3 & other small updates is listed as having a version number of 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_qfe.130704-0421 : Service Pack 3).

How lớn Update Windows

To update Windows to lớn the newest buildnumber, use Windows Update. The built-in Windows Update utility is the easiest way to kiểm tra for và install Windows updates.

If you haven"t phối up your version of Windows khổng lồ install updates automatically, you can change the Windows Update settings so that new updates are downloaded và applied automatically. It"s the simplest way khổng lồ keep Windows updated lớn the latest version number.

Major Changes in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced several changes khổng lồ the Windows operating system with Windows 10. These are some of the most significant differences between Windows 10 and Windows 8 (and older versions of Windows):

Cortana comes built-in to lớn Windows 10Microsoft Edge is pre-installed as a replacement browser for internet ExplorerBrand-new versions of Mail, Calendar, Maps, và PhotosUser interface that works well with both cảm biến screen displays and traditional monitors that use a keyboard và mouseWindows 10"s Start menu replaces the full-screen Windows 8 Start ScreenMicrosoft Paint 3 chiều replaces Microsoft PaintWindows Hello lets you log in to Windows 10, apps, và websites with your face is part of the Dotdash Meredith publishingfamily.We"ve updated our Privacy Policy, which will go in to effect on September 1, 2022. Reviews our Privacy Policy
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