What is redstone 5 and why is it so important for windows 10 users?

Microsoft"s next big feature update for Windows 10 is arriving in October! Here"s all the biggest changes you can expect khổng lồ see when that update is ready.

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Microsoft is listening to lớn its users & pulling Cortana out of Windows tìm kiếm in Redstone 5 … sort of. The next version of Windows 10 will have a new search experience that deemphasizes Cortana"s features và puts search at the forefront of its UI. Different search categories are showcased at the đứng đầu of the tìm kiếm panel, with Cortana"s pick-up-where-you-left-off activities being showcased below that.

Searching for stuff also has a new experience, with a new dual-panel UI that makes searching for apps, documents, và more, much easier. Tìm kiếm is much wider now, allowing for more content and information to lớn be displayed on screen.

5. New game Bar

Are you a người chơi on Windows 10? Well, Microsoft has completely redesigned the built-in trò chơi Bar to make it more useful for PC gamers when within a game. No longer is it just a quick-bar for taking screenshots and recording video; it now showcases useful performance information such as CPU, GPU, & RAM usage. It"s also been redesigned, featuring a much cleaner UI that"s easier lớn understand.

All its original social features are still there, but it"s now much more detailed and useful for even hardcore gamers who don"t use Mixer. It"s also now accessible from the Start menu on Windows 10, to better highlight it as a feature for those who might not know it exists.

6. Microsoft Edge

As with every new Windows 10 update, Microsoft Edge has received a notable danh sách of changes, including better performance, a new Hub UI and Setting UI, và subtle kiến thiết tweaks such as drop-shadow effects behind tabs. If you"ve been holding off using Edge as your default, it might be worth giving it another try with Redstone 5.

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7. Notepad

You read that right, for the first time in a long time, Microsoft has updated the legacy Notepad program in Windows 10. It now features Unix/Linux line endings (LF) and Macintosh line endings (CR) in addition lớn being able khổng lồ zoom in & out of text, right click text to tìm kiếm with Bing, và wrap text when using Line numbers. Pretty neat!

So much more ...

These are just the biggest new features và changes coming in the next version of Windows 10. For a much more detailed list, including other smaller features & changes, make sure you kiểm tra out our Windows 10 Redstone 5 changelog post, which we update weekly.

Updated August 13, 2018: We updated this with all the latest features current in the Redstone 5 preview builds.

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