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Microsoft’s Windows Phone has never had much luchồng with big updates. Unlượt thích Android, iOS and BB10 which started out pushing massive sầu feature updates at every opportunity, Windows Phone picked up major updates after a year và a half – all of which had a major caveat in them one way or another. The innovation done in the OS was mostly on the hardware side, và when Microsoft took control of the full stack, that too stopped khổng lồ coincide with the next Windows Phone release cycle.

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Now Microsoft has prepared the next major release of Windows Phone, but it’s not calling it Windows Phone or even Windows sản phẩm điện thoại (entirely). Instead, Microsoft refers to its new OS as simply Windows 10 on new devices. While some may point out that Windows 10 sản phẩm điện thoại is the official branding, that is as much branding as is Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 professional.

That is to say, it is now subsumed inlớn the overall Windows ecosystem & one would notice that Microsoft no longer breaks out Windows Phone into its own category online. Rather, it is Windows (phones) & even older versions of Windows Phone are being retrofitted with the Windows brvà name.

However, those are just words. What’s important is knowing what’s new in Windows 10 sản phẩm điện thoại và why it should be considered over IOS và Android, & why it’s better than Windows Phone 8.1. That’s what this Đánh Giá is here khổng lồ answer.

A Brief History


In Windows 10, Microsoft has replaced the Xbox Music & Xbox Video apps with two new apps called Groove sầu Music and Film & TV (Movies & TV in some regions).

The videos phầm mềm is an tiện ích called films and TV does exactly what it says on the tin, its primary purpose is to allow you watch films và tv shows purchased from Microsoft’s storefront & also play your own locally stored videos. Strangely enough, for an phầm mềm named as such, it does not categorize your films và TV shows inkhổng lồ appropriate sections.

Rather, it simply dumps them ứng dụng into a “My Videos” section. While this is bad for people who have massive sầu movie collections, it must be acknowledged that many people now stream their media from Netflix or Hulu. If you’re using the Microsoft tiện ích, you have sầu most likely purchased a movie from the storefront, so would have sầu no need for locally stored/imported truyền thông. This does not completely excuse the app from its lack of organization or integration with OneDrive sầu, just an acknowledgment of the thinking that probably shaped the development of the app.

Groove Music is fast, fluid và nice to look at

Microsoft Groove Music is the second half of the truyền thông equation. It is far better than the Xbox Music phầm mềm on Windows Phone 8.1 – admittedly it being worse would have sầu been quite a feat. The new ứng dụng is fast, fluid và nice khổng lồ look at. I’ve used it on many devices from a small Lumia 735 to the positively gigantic Lumia 15đôi mươi, và the combination of MDL2 và well-calibrated HD screens on all devices just makes the visual experience of Groove pleasant.


As far as features go, Groove sầu Music is a full featured tiện ích that plays most music formats including FLAC files, incorporates gapless playback, và has a radio for auto-generated playlists by the artist. There are so many other small things and additions in Microsoft Groove sầu that make it just generally nicer to use, but the thing to lớn take away from this is that if you choose khổng lồ use Microsoft’s service as a music consumer, you won’t be handicapped.

The new Photos ứng dụng has a lot lớn offer

Microsoft includes a new Photos ứng dụng in Windows 10 di động. The new Photos tiện ích is interesting. It is far more full featured than the Windows Phone 8.1 tiện ích. It does auto-enhancing, allows you to print & share photos. The OneDrive integration is done more elegantly than in 8.1. Here photos simply appear in the library from your OneDrive sầu tài khoản similar khổng lồ how placeholder files worked in Windows 8.1 desktop. The full image doesn’t appear (from my looking at storage sense) to be downloaded into the phone until you actually use it.

The tiện ích also allows you to create và mô tả photo albums from the albums section as well as navigate your OneDrive sầu library for media (You can even play movies stored on OneDrive sầu using the photos app).

The new Windows camera and maps apps are well designed powerful apps that vì exactly what they say on the tin. Maps allows you lớn tải về and navigate offline using transit, walking or vehicles with frequent updates khổng lồ improve features. The camera takes the broad feature phối of Lumia Camera và adds in a few tricks like shareable living images, slow motion đoạn Clip for high-kết thúc Lumias and auto-HDR.

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Microsoft has also shipped a few new apps in Windows 10 that help improve sầu the experience for first-time users và veterans alượt thích. I’m talking about the utility apps like Alarms and clock, File Explorer, và Voice Recorder & help apps like Contact Support và Getting Started.

A file manager and timer phầm mềm have been requested on Windows Phone UserVoice for a long time now, so Microsoft finally bringing File Explorer to lớn Windows Phone (replacing the Files app) is a good thing for many users. It also brings to lớn mind in the familiar theme of “Do Familiar things” as there’s nothing more familiar lớn a Windows user than File explorer.

Cortana undergoes a metamorphosis


Outside of the built-in ứng dụng experience of Windows 10, Microsoft also made some changes khổng lồ Cortana and how she works on Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile. In Windows 10, Cortamãng cầu is no longer in Beta in the EU5, Canadomain authority, The USA, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, nhật bản và a few othe

r countries. What this means is that the Cortamãng cầu backkết thúc service has been tested & localized for each of those regions, as, for Cortana herself, she seems khổng lồ have sầu gotten a bit weaker.

In Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft introduced Universal Search for Windows Phone, allowing you lớn search all built-in apps và files. Microsoft’s removed that in Windows 10 Mobile, possibly due to lớn the addition of a file manager obviating that need somewhat. That’s not all that has been altered as far as tìm kiếm functionality goes, Microsoft debuted Bing Quick Cards in Windows Phone 7.5 as a sản phẩm điện thoại way khổng lồ use Bing.

If you’ve ever searched for anything on Bing with Windows Phone up to lớn 8.1, you’ll have sầu noticed that Bing has a custom UI with tìm kiếm results being able to lớn tie into apps. That was all because of Microsoft’s Bing Quiông xã cards which promoted a mobile-first way of looking at Bing search. In Windows 10, searching with Cortana simply opens up a web view of the Bing tìm kiếm results page, which is inferior lớn the prior implementation, I understvà that Microsoft would need khổng lồ be able to lớn update the website nội dung dynamically, but I wonder if they could have sầu at least created a custom UI for Edge & Windows 10 mobile to lớn mimic much of the prior functionality.

Internet Explorer gets Edged out


Just lượt thích on Windows 10 for desktop PCs and tablets, Microsoft has given Internet Explorer the boot on Windows Phone & replaced it with a nice Windows 10 app, Edge. Microsoft Edge on Windows Phone isn’t quite feature complete yet, lacking a few things such as back/forward buttons, extensions tư vấn (coming soon), a fully immersive reading mode and a handful of other tiny features here và there.

Edge is powerful enough, but that may not be enough for power users

The tiện ích experience itself is OK. It works nicely sometimes, và on a few fairly light websites it seems khổng lồ choke và go berserk. This has happened on TheNextWeb, The Verge, Neowin and the Guardian in recent memory. Microsoft’s Edge is supposed lớn replace Internet Explorer and clean the slate on Microsoft browsers & branding, if the Edge team can get it right in the next few months, Edge’s reputation would hopefully not come to resemble that of Internet Explorer.

Right now, you get a powerful web-browser, reading list, a reading views and syncing with Windows 10 PCS. If you aren’t a heavy browser user, then you’ll come to appreciate Edge’s simpliđô thị.

Final Thoughts


Microsoft’s vision for Windows phones has changed in Windows 10. The OS has gone from being all about the sản phẩm điện thoại experience to being all about the điện thoại experience of a PC . It’s a slight difference, but it brings back vague memories of the PocketPC phase of Windows Smartphone. As a result of a shift in strategies và focus of a one Windows for all, Windows 10 sản phẩm điện thoại has taken a hit in performance và battery life. Microsoft knows this, và they will be addressing this in builds being pushed out over the next few months, but until, then devices which are weaker may struggle a bit with Windows 10 Mobile as far as performance và battery life go.

Windows 10 điện thoại is better than 8, but not quite a 10

Windows 10 Smartphone overall is a good update, but it is still bemix with the issues of the previous OS. The app gap remains every so wide as spectres of Snapchat, YikYak và other apps beckon over lớn dissatisfied users. This looks set khổng lồ change soon. Microsoft’s UWP program has been adopted by more & more developers at a faster pace since Windows 10 took off on desktop. Facebook và Twitter have sầu promised lớn optimise their apps for Windows 10 di động soon, & the gap between Microsoft’s first các buổi party apps on Windows 10 and other platforms has been closed. There are also new buổi tiệc ngọt tricks lượt thích Continuum (detailed here) and Windows Hello (detailed in our 950 và 950 XL reviews) to stand out from the crowd on newer devices like the Lumia 950, Neo NuAns, và Acer Jade Primo. Microsoft has made a good start with Windows 10, now all they need khổng lồ work on is sanding out the rough edges.

Editor’s note: Reviews originally scored in at 8.1, upon further consideration, that score has been revised downward khổng lồ be more appropriate.

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