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Yes, there are many of you who have sầu sent me asking for instructions on how khổng lồ create a Windows AIO installer containing the full versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 (both Windows 32bit & Windows 64bit platforms).

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That is why in this tutorial I will guide you in detail how khổng lồ create a Windows AIO installer using WinAIO Maker Professional software (a very familiar software that I introduced lớn you in the previous article. already).

The software is completely free & very easy to lớn use, its main task is to lớn mount all the install.wim files of each individual installer inlớn a single install.wim file, including all versions. Windows that you want to integrate.

And of course, this tutorial will have sầu all versions such as Windows 8.1 (32-bit và 64bit) và Windows 10 (32-bit và 64bit) … in addition you can add any other installer you want. desire.


I. What needs to be prepared?

Well, first is still the familiar preparation steps, you should download the necessary tools first.

Windows installers that you want to integrate into the Windows AIO suite. You can go here to lớn download the original 100% win installers.If you do it on Windows 7, you must install additional virtual drive sầu software, for example ULTRAISO, but if you vì it on Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can install it or not, because this feature is available. on new versions of Windows.
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II. Steps lớn create Windows All in One installer (Windows AIO)

In this example I will make a Windows 8.1 installer & Windows 10 (32bit và 64bit) that means the version Windows AIO 4 trong một trang chủ.

+ Step 1: After you have prepared all 4 installers, now you can create an empty thư mục named AIO.


+ Step 2: And in the directory AIO This time, you create yourself 2 more subfolders, for example Win 8.1 and Win 10 such as.

If you integrate it all Windows 7 then create a directory Win 7 again.


+ Step 7: Well, in this step, I would like lớn note to lớn you lượt thích this:

Choose which version will be the mặc định interface of the installer, because when you create the usb to install Windows with this Windows AIO, you have sầu to choose a version to be the default interface when installing.

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Describe a little bit for you easier khổng lồ imagine that, when you boot into the usb to lớn install Win, the mặc định interface is Windows 10 32-bit, of course you have to lớn choose Win 10 32-bit vày Win AIO, it just differs by adding the AIO version selection panel that you have sầu created.

Ok, when you have sầu made your choice then in the software interface WinAIO Maker Professionalyou cliông chồng on the menu Select Wims => & choose the path to lớn the tệp tin install.wyên (located in the directory sources of the installer Win 10 32-bit)


+ Step 11: Menu Delete Image the main effect is khổng lồ delete a Windows version, for example the tệp tin install.wim in the installer Win 10 Multiple good Windows 8.1 Multiple usually includes 2 versions Windows Home and Windows Pro.

Therefore, you can use this option to lớn allow you to lớn delete a version that you vày not like.


Perhaps looking at the picture below, you will be easier to use the picture about this name change ^^


+ Step 13: After editing is complete, you click the button Save all change to save all settings.


If the dialog box shown below appears, you should feel miễn phí khổng lồ cliông chồng No Please.


+ Step 14: At this point, you have sầu the Installation Menu of Windows AIO 4 in 1 installer arranged in order as shown below.


+ Step 16: There are 3 parts lớn the ISO file creation interface that you need khổng lồ set, which are:

Browse (first) : You choose the thư mục containing Win AIO, because here I take the Windows 10 Pro x86 Installer as the default interface at first, so I will choose that folder.Browse (2): You choose a path to lớn save sầu the ISO file after completion.Label: You name the ISO file (it is different from the ISO name you want lớn save sầu, for example the ISO name is Win8.1.10AIO 4in1.iso But when Mounting to the virtual drive sầu, its display name is WIN_AIO)


+ Step 17: It’s over you. You clichồng the button Create ISO (4) khổng lồ start creating ISO file. And now you wait until it’s done.

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Well, here is your work lớn be done with it


And finally, make a USB install Win lớn test it ?


III. Epilogue

Yes, I just gave sầu you very detailed instructions How khổng lồ create a Windows AIO installer with WinAIO Maker Professional software already.

As you can see, this way you can easily creates Windows AIO installers containing multiple versions of Windows, like Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1 and Windows 10 (both 32bit & 64bit platforms) … very interesting, right?

Hope this article will satisfy you who like to dabble about Windows. Good luông chồng !

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