9 fixes for windows installer service could not be accessed


When you no longer need an application or when the storage space is full, your first instinct is to lớn uninstall some programs. We don’t give much thought to the uninstallation processes until there are some issues with it.

The most common one about this is that you will not be able to uninstall the application or might see some error message in a dialog box. If you bởi not know what to vì chưng from here, we will take you on a tour.

This article’s main goal is to lớn help you uninstall the issues related to lớn removing a service or an application from your computer & sometimes, installing them.

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5.2 How to lớn Fix “Windows Installer Service Could Be Not Accessed” Or Resolve Windows Installer Is Not Working Issue?

What Is The Windows Installer Service và What Does It Do?


Note: When you try uninstalling the application, you may face the ‘Windows Installer Service could not be accessed’ error dialog box. If this is your case, you will be left with no other option but to lớn use a third-party application management tool.

Install The Windows Installer Redistributable For Your System

The Windows Installer is the element of the Windows PC that is responsible for laying a basement out on your computer, for applications to be installed.

If your computer does not have it or the updated version of the Windows Installer, the OS prevents you from installing software on your system.

This is generally used by software developers khổng lồ help their products or services be compatible with the system và to allow them to install them on computers. This component can be downloaded in the size of a redistributable package, from the Microsoft support website.

Once the tải về is complete, mở cửa the downloaded redistributable package và use the on-screen instructions to lớn install it on your computer. Khổng lồ set these newly-made changes on your computer, restart it.

Delete The Copy Of The msiexec.exe File

Your system could have another copy of the msiexec.exe file, meaning that the Windows Installer Service could have trouble finding which tệp tin should help with the installation of any application you want.

The ideal solution here is khổng lồ locate & get rid of the other, unnecessary msiexec.exe file. This is what you have to bởi now.

Launch a Windows Explorer window (Windows + E) and go lớn this directory: C:WindowsSystem32.Look for the msiexec.exe file. There are chances that there is a msiexec file, without the .exe tệp tin extension.Find the file without the application extension and rename it to msiexec.old.

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Once you are done, restart the Windows Installer service process & after that, reboot the system.

Make Changes In The Remote Procedure điện thoại tư vấn Service Settings

The Remote Procedure call (RPC) service is the Windows component that helps client-based applications communicate with the OS và other essential applications.

If the settings for this service are misconfigured, you may face issues when you try to lớn install or remove an application from your computer. With the below settings, you should be able lớn change the settings for the Remove Procedure điện thoại tư vấn service.

Bring up the Services window và navigate to the Remote Procedure Cell service.Open the Properties window for this service by double-clicking on it.Then, go into the Log on tab.In this window, click on the Log on as Local System Account and check the Allow this service to interact with the desktop option.
Apply these changes lớn your computer và reboot it.

The above-given are the solutions that will help you fix all types of Windows Installer service-related issues on the Windows OS. If you are still experiencing this issue, we suggest that you talk lớn a professional or contact Windows support, both of whom should be able to help you giảm giá with this issue.


The Windows Installer is a Microsoft OS feature intended lớn facilitate package loading or unloading, software distribution in operating systems, & common concerns like shared .dll formatting inconsistencies. The Windows Installer was previously known as “Microsoft Installer” (MSI). As a result, the API functions have names that start with “msi,” và the installation packages are always in the .MSI format.

How to Fix “Windows Installer Service Could Be Not Accessed” Or Resolve Windows Installer Is Not Working Issue?

If you are facing the Windows Installer Service couldn’t be accessed issue on your computer, you can reset the Windows Installer Service, restart the service through the Services application, re-register the Windows Installer service, run the SFC, DISM, & regsvr32 command, delete the outdated application versions, download a Windows Installer package & install it & delete the duplicated msiexec file in the System32 folder.

If the Windows Installer Service is displaying an error message when you try lớn access it through an application installation or removal process, here’s what you can do.Reset the Windows Installer ServiceRestart the Windows InstallerRe-register the Windows InstallerPerform SFC & DISM scansExecute the regsvr32 command in CMDInstall the compatible Windows Installer redistributable on your system

One can stop the Windows module installer from running on your computer. However, it is not advisable as the system will be prevented from getting OS updates. If you are worried about safety issues regarding this, disabling the Windows Module Installer does not affect the functioning of the system in any way.

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