Yunbike c1 — a new smart electric bicycle by xiaomi

A lightweight, compact, single-speed electric bike; Optional fenders và front or rear grille extend the lower-capacity 187.2-watt-hour battery utility; Torque-sensing pedal assist requires more active riding; Two USB charging ports; Optional free mobile application, simple và intuitive integrated display panel, quality integrated LED lights for anytime riding; Walking mode ~ 2 mph, limited vị trí cao nhất speed ~ 15.5 mph with assistance.

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The Yunbike C1 is presented as apparently a normal bicycle for a ride, but yes, you are right, it is electric. It differs mainly from conventional bikes because of its front light and the battery, located under the saddle, which also acts as a rear light.

The Yunbike C1 is about 1.5 m long & a little less than 1 m high. Its weight of 16 kilogam makes it perfectly light as a touring bike, and it can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The full charge of the battery is consumed in 75 km và can be charged through the USB port.

Yunbike"s C1 has 5 speeds in a motor directly connected khổng lồ the rear wheel. These are the 5-speed options we can apply: OFF, 30% slow pedal-assistance, 50% medium pedal-assistance, 70% pedal assistance ("Sport" mode), and 100% pedal assistance that turns the bike into a vehicle that does not require any kind of effort.

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The artificial intelligence of the Yunbike consists of a detector of the degrees of inclination of the ground on which the bicycle rides, thus adapting the speed of the bicycle according khổng lồ the user"s fatigue.

About the brand

Xiaomi Inc. Is a Chinese company that is revolutionizing the world of low-priced electronic consumables. Users love this brand, which has positioned itself as the cheap alternative khổng lồ big công nghệ brands like Samsung và Apple.

Xiaomi was founded by eight partners less than ten years ago, and today is already one of the most powerful companies in the industry. Behind the group of founders was a Singaporean investment fund and the processor company Qualcomm, và in fact, xiaomi still uses this processor brand on its terminals today.

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