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I"m quite happy with the motherboard performance and aesthetics so far. The Trắng appearance và the RGB lighting looks pretty awesome và matches the 1080 TI OC GPU perfectly. The apps with the motherboard are great so far & I can"t wait to thử nghiệm out the Creative sound.


The motherboard has been great so far. Works as advertised. One issue I did have sầu was related khổng lồ the BIOS and how lớn flash khổng lồ the lathử nghiệm one. That"s really more of a GIGABYTE issue và how their software works (or doesn"t work). Everything else about the motherboard works and it looks great with the rgb LEDs.

At beginning I was getting Asus anh hùng because the Hãng Asus graphic thẻ, however asus anh hùng is not available at centrecom, so i got this instead.

I came across few problem in this board, the bios setting is weird plus there is a input lag in the btiện ích ios. there is few thing in the bquả táo that i changed lớn get all system work,Legacy lớn Uefi,primary display mix lớn pcie (my graphic card),và enable internal display driver.

without the changes in the bgame ios, sometime my pc cant boot, intel display driver not activated in the windows cause some game does not work.

Xem thêm: Sửa Lỗi Cập Nhật Liên Minh Huyền Thoại Và Cách Khắc Phục, Sửa Lỗi Khi Cập Nhật Liên Minh Huyền Thoại

và there is a bug or glitch in the motherboard rgb, in rainbow color mode, it suppose change color smoothly, but sometime the color just repeatedly remix and change khổng lồ red color, its like smoothly changing color & suddenly reset into lớn red color & start over again.

3 star because this board is good value board, but with few small problem.


iceanddice40 points4 years 5 months ago

from completed build The Money Maker

Great solid mobo here!

Dantex9513 points4 years 5 months ago

from completed build Hayabusa

I have sầu read about people have small and big problems but I had absolutely none. Zero. I love this motherboard, & it also looks amazing. The leds are good & bright. Many additional software for streaming & all that. Really good.

kerit12 points4 years 7 months ago

from completed build The Light Show

So far so good, loving the LED features that Gigabyte added lớn its MB. The bquả táo navigation is not as good as the other brandname MB but it gets the job done. Decent quality parts and materials used to make the MB.

mreclipse14 points4 years 7 months ago

from completed build Arctic Fox

Coming from the Aorus lineup, this motherboard is beast. No problems at all, easy bquả táo, & pretty decent RGB lights on the board.

CookieDoughB1316 points3 years 11 months ago

from completed build Custom Build Mk. II

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