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Forest Fast Fact
With two out of every three raindrops falling in Georgia landing on forest lands, our forests are one of the most significant factors affecting our water quality and quantity.

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Learn more about the relationship between forests & water quality


Forest Fast Fact

Because most fires are caused by humans, extreme care must be exercised whenever mở cửa burning is conducted. Campfires, escaped debris burning và ignition by hot equipment are just a few of the things that can spark a fire.

Find out how to lớn prevent wildfires.

Georgia is the perfect place to bởi business in wood. Georgia is the #1 exporter of wood fuel in the world. Our state offers the forest industry excellent logistics.

Learn how you can vì chưng business in Georgia.

When we think of trees, we naturally think of wood and timber products. But every part of the tree is useful, from its wood to lớn its saps, extracts, medicinal uses, greenery, and beyond. Some of our favorite food products from Georgia trees!

Find out the many products that come from Georgia’s trees.

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Tree care should always be provided by a certified arborist. Arborists are trained in the identification, diagnosis và care of trees. They understand how khổng lồ provide proper tree care safely. Our certified arborists are here khổng lồ offer timely, unbiased advice — không tính tiền of charge.

Submit your question khổng lồ a certified arborist.

Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives!As research is being conducted và becoming available, findings reinforce what much of the urban forestry community already knows – that trees have a positive impact on human health.

Learn more about the benefits of trees

According to lớn American Forests, the forests in Atlanta remove about 19 million pounds of air pollutants each year, worth about $47 million a year.

Learn how trees clean our air, stabilize our weather, keep water flowing properly & much more

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